Vente Terrain agricole, Chisineu Cris, Arad, Roumanie, Sintea Mare

Vente - Cod. 28891

  • Typologie: Terrain agricole
  • Zone: 6400000 m²
  • N° chambres: 2
  • Étage: 1

La terre roumaine est à la fois la plus riche et la moins chère. Achetez maintenant et bénéficiez de tre bas prix pour excellent qualite terre pour faire d’agriculture dans la Plain de L’Ouest du Roumanie. A vendre 650 Ha premiere qualite terre agricole dans L’ouest du Roumanie 30km de la frontiere hungroise et de l’Autoroute qui connecte l’ouest de Roumanie de l’ouest de l’Europe. La terre e divise en deux parcelle 650Ha et 40 Ha (la petite parcelle qui a ete vendu - Merci). Tres bon qualite de terre pour tournesol, ble, colza, mais etc. Je possede tout le documents cadastrales et de propriete. Le prix est negotiable.

This premium location represents a huge advantage for transportation for your products. The A1 freeway pass near by Arad city also. Railroads connect the near City of Chisineu-Cris (5km away) with the rest of the country including Constanta Port.

This combined with the quality of the premium black chernozem soil and the opportunity to own relatively cheap land in European Union country contribute to the price of the land that for the past few years continue to rise. Due to the extreme demand corroborated with the decision of the Romanian government to stop/slow down the transactions of prime Romanian land towards foreign individuals it is becoming harder to find large properties like the one offered here.
The asking price is 5000 EUR/Ha. It is a low price that is offered (also negotiable a bit) due to the fact that you avoid real estate agencies premiums. You will buy directly from the owner saving 1000-1500 EUR/Ha in commissions.

According to our surveyor the property left after the sell of the 40 Ha parcel is approximately 650Ha. There is also opportunity to buy even more from neighboring properties in area.
I believe that an opportunity to discuss this in person and to visit the place will be beneficial in order to see the real opportunity that this property can offer.

The Western part of Romania is one of the best areas of Romania for agriculture. The climate is average temperate continental with average temperature per year of 11-12 degree Celsius and without extreme temperatures which can provoke dry/floods during summer or winter. The average precipitations levels per year is 550-700ml/m3. The part of the Western Plain on which the land is located is a river plain with underground water level at medium-low depth. The closest river Crisul Alb is near the edge of the parcel. The soil is cernoziom of the best class. The parcel is undivided 600 Ha. The small 40 Ha parcel is already sold. All land is 1 Class agricultural land suitable for a wide range of crops from wheat, corn, sunflower, sugar beets, rye, soybean, vegetables etc. The price is negotiable and I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity of the promotion of the Romanian government who offer free surveying services during this period for every parcel at this time (otherwise a premium that will be paid by the buyer). The Romanian government want to slow down the process of foreigners buying land in Romania and they prepare a law to prohibit that that it is estimated to pass the National Assembly in the fall/winter of 2016. This will be similar to what happen in Hungary where is now impossible as a foreigner to buy land anymore.
Also to be mentioned that the Western part of Romania is the most developed part of the country with roads infrastructure that bring you autobahn close to your future property and only 40km away from the hungarian border. This is an advantage that you will not find anywhere in the east part of the country.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


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